Level Rewards

A list of perks your servers gains for reaching a certain level with ServerMate

Basic list

Level & Badge


1 / 🎉

All of the default actions, such as:


Customisable Bump message,

Customisable embed colour,

Unable to disable/enable bump stats

2 / 📬

Ability to disable/enable most bump stats,

Fancy server badge

3 / 📢

Customisable Server banner, 150 free Devlin Credits (Only in our discord server, claimable once)

4 / 🔧

Any extra experimental features being tested on the main bot

5 / 👏

Nothing but a higher level number to be displayed on your bump message (At least more people will join if they see that!)

6+ /

A cooler server badge ()

In-Depth list

Level 1

You are able to use ServerMate to bump your server as normal, you can customise a few things about your bump message but will need a higher level to be able to customise it much more to your liking

Level 2

You are now able to change what info people can see about your server in your bump message by using the !settings command (And then by opening up the bump statistics menu). On top of this you will get a nice, new server badge to display with your server's bump message!

Level 3

You are now able to edit your server's bump banner to display along with your bump message! Use this to attract even more people to your server! You can now also join our discord server and create a /support ticket to claim your free 150 Devlin Credits to spend on things like ServerMate premium!

Level 4

You will now have access to any new features being tested in ServerMate, although; you could still get ServerMate Beta and experience these features without even needing to be at this level.

Level 5 & 6+

You have reached the final levels that ServerMate supports! Keep growing and maybe we will have some more server levels out for you soon!

Want to know how to get to the next level on ServerMate? Check out this guide: