Newer update logs can only be found when using ServerMate, type !news to find the entire list of changes

The change log is catching up again...

In early 2019, we decided to move our changelogs to the !news command. After reconsideration, we have decided to move all of our update news back to the documentation site. Due to the large difference in formatting and layouts between the two mediums, this may take us a while to complete the move. The news on this page is likely out-of-date. ServerMate is currently on version 1.5.2.



  • !remind command, allowing users to easily enable bump reminders

  • The user who bumped is now shown in the footer of every bump message

  • Server settings

    • Edit bump channell

    • Edit bump message

    • Edit HEX bump colour

    • Edit bump stats

    • Edit prefix

    • Mark server as NSFW

    • Toggle delete invoking command

  • User settings

    • View premium level

    • Toggle bump reminders

  • Server leveling

    • Level badge displayed in bump stats

    • !level command, to check a server's level

  • Server banners

  • Verified servers


  • Bump permission requirements

  • A number of bug fixes



  • Bump reminders

  • Created a global-bump log in our support server

  • A number of new command aliases (eg. !?, !b)

  • !preview command, to see what your bump will look like

  • ServerMate Beta is now public

  • Bump bar colour changer

  • Server region has been added to your server statistics


  • No longer bumping in 100% of other servers

  • Better bump embed layout

  • Global chat message formatting change

  • Bump member listing requirement changed to 15

  • Servers can now be bumped in up to 200 servers per-bump

  • Function optimisation



  • Server Stats, each bump message will have the member count displayed (If the server has less than 10 users the count will not be shown)

  • Server Icon displayed in bump message

  • Automated banner detection in bump messages

  • New shard, we will now have a total of 4

  • Memey commands (Popular Suggestion)

  • Error codes for easy understanding of issue

  • !news logs recent bot updates and other things from the dev

  • Join + Leave messages (Will not be available due to hosting)


  • Broken emoji (undefined) fix due to sharding

  • Suggestions command fix, allowing you to suggest from other servers


  • Removal of "botprefix" command/prompt

  • Introduced animals into the world, we believe they're going to be a neat addition.

  • Global Chat (Only temporary until we get a new host)

  • Config Disabled (Only temporary until we get a new host)



  • Premium Features:

    • Server tags

    • Bump every 5 mins

  • Customisable #bump channel

  • Join + Leave messages >> Next update

  • HEX Colour selector for embed bar

  • Vote to get bump delay of 15 mins instead of 20


  • #bump redesign + faster bumps

  • Global Chat redesign

  • Config redesign

  • Bug fixes



  • Verified Users, you get a tag in serverchat

  • Custom named serverchat / global chat channel

  • Global bump count


  • !prefix command changes [It is now !config prefix newPrefix]

  • Bug fixes


  • Removal of "botprefix" command/prompt

  • Introduced animals into the world, we believe they're going to be a neat addition.

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