Verification guidelines

Baseline rules

These rules are subject to change at any time:
  • Verified servers will never have more than 3 NSFW channels (It does not matter whether they are private or not)
  • Verified servers will continue to be well-moderated
  • Verified servers uphold ServerMate's and Discord's Terms of Service and the Discord Community Guidelines
  • Verified server owners will allow us to check the servers at any time to ensure these rules are being upheld

Types of servers we do not accept & why

  • NSFW / Adult-themed These servers are not acceptable to be publicly advertised as an officially endorsed server.
  • Hacking (This includes ethical hacking) / malware Whether these servers serve good intentions or not, a lot of hacking communities often contain malicious files and/or discussions surrounding illegal activities, which is not something we wish to endorse.
  • Scams / Giveaway-hub / Invite rewards Taking advantage of people is not okay, therefore we do not endorse servers that are created with the intent to steal information or money and in many cases report these servers to Discord.
  • "Edgy" -themed Servers that are created to be a place of potentially discriminative and/or harmful content are not funny to many audiences. It doesn't matter if the content within your server was created to be funny or not, if a subject can easily be seen as discriminative then we will deny it. We understand trying to have a laugh, but will not endorse servers that take that to the next level.
  • Anarchy/No-rules Servers that have little-to-no rules open the ground up for so many inappropriate events that we just cannot allow, hence we do not endorse anarchy servers.
  • Bot/server list servers We currently do not endorse servers that allow for offsite advertisement of bots or servers. Note that this decision may change in the future.
Please ensure that your server meets all of the requirements before submitting your server for verification