Privacy Statement

Learn how and what data ServerMate processes and stores


While ServerMate does not store any more personally identifiable information than is absolutely required, note that the purpose of the bot is to publicize and advertise you and your Discord servers. ServerMate cannot function as a service without publicly displaying information about your server, this means that if you at any time wish to retract any details published by the bot, note that it, in most cases; would be out of our hands, as we do not in any case track where any bump message is sent.

Why & what data we store

We do not permanently store any more personally identifying details of user accounts on Discord than is absolutely required, other than for the following reasons:

  1. Displaying server join/leave details in our Discord server (Note that this will also display the owner's username#tag, the server ID, region and any other numerical statistics. You can find these messages in our Discord server

  2. Tracking command cooldowns per-server (for bumps) and in any other case, per-user

  3. Identifying users whom have voted for the bot or have premium (We will request's servers to provide us an answer from their database, which requires us to provide them with your Discord ID)

  4. Identifying enabled/disabled data for server & user setting options (Anything that you can turn on/off in !settings. Note that this does not include your server's description, bump colour or image banner, as this is stored under your bump channel's topic with Discord)

  5. Suspicion level data (While we can tell you that all the data retrieved and analysed by this system is stored temporarily, we cannot reveal what data is analysed, since this is a system we keep private from the public to avoid exploiters from backwards-engineering our system. Although, be aware that the only data the bot ends up saving against your account is a decimal number, which determines how likely your account is to be a selfbot, these accounts could be used to give an unfair advantage over other servers. This check simply done for security purposes)

Note that in any case ServerMate does not track or specifically store any user's Discord username or tag in our database. It will only link the above stated data to a user's Discord ID, which will allow the bot to fetch the details for a user with the matching ID (only you) which would be required for the bot to compete an action (eg. Fetching the settings that a user has enabled/disabled). This also applies to server IDs

Can I delete my data?

[Update] A service is now publicly available for data deletion. Run the !settings command, click user settings and then "Delete my data". Most of the data ServerMate stores about you can be deleted, except from data we store for security reasons and to provide premium subscriber's their perks (if this applies to you). If you wish to delete this data, you must contact us.

What data we process

All of the below mentioned data is only stored in the bot temporarily, meaning that when the bot restarts, all of this data will be gone

Member data:

  • User ID (used for fetching the relevant data from our database, according to the user)

  • Username (Displayed in bumps as either the owner of a server or to display who bumped a server)

Server data:

  • Server ID (used for fetching the relevant data from our database according to the server. Eg. Your server's settings in ServerMate)

  • Bump info (any of the following will be displayed when you !bump a server):

    • Server name*

    • Server icon*

    • Description*

    • ServerMate-generated invite link* (Revoke-able at any given time)

    • Member count

    • Emoji count

    • Top 5 emojis list

    • Channel count

    • Server owner (Username, excluding #tag)

    • Server region

    • Server level (This is generated when you run either the bump or level command)

      • Member count

      • Channel count

      • Emoji count

Most of these data types can be disabled/enabled in the settings, unless marked with a *

Child data collection

We do not knowingly collect data from minors under the age of 13, as ServerMate cannot be interacted with without the creation of a Discord account, which requires the user to be 13 or over. If you have concerns that a user under the age of 13 has interacted with ServerMate, please immediately let InsideDev#9477 know so that this data can be erased.

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