Bump Banner

Bump banners may become a premium-only feature in the future
If your server is amazing enough
, you may want a server banner. This is something most professional owners want for their server and can pull your members in even more to join your server. It is one of the most beneficial ways of getting members to join your server. Follow this simple step-by-step guide and you will have your own custom banner displayed below your server message in #bump!
Colourful banners that have variations in colour pull in your members to take a few more seconds to view your bump message. Use differentiated but nice looking colour combos!


1. Create the custom banner

You must name the image file banner and make sure that the image format is either jpg, png or gif
jpg and png are common image formats, so if you are unsure what format your image is, do not worry

2. Upload your image

Head over to and upload your banner image.'s homepage
Make sure No expiration is selected before you upload! Otherwise after a certain amount of time your image will disappear from your bump message.

3. Copy the URL

Copy the URL link from the Direct link field
Banner URL link on the site (Option Highlighted)

4. Add banner to bump message

Add the banner URL to the start of your bump message in the #bump channel topic and save!
The "Topic" field including the banner URL and the bump message
Mature content (eg. NSFW, Severe violence) in your banner is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate service ban for your server and possibly your discord account

!bump your server

Your bump message will appear with the banner! Your all done
A successful bump message with the banner visible (Banner Highlighted)
The image URL is not shown at the start of your bump message once bumped, so no clogging up of your amazing partner message

Common Errors

No bump message is sent The URL provided is most likely wrong
URL is included but banner is not showing Are you sure you placed the banner URL at the start of your bump message?
Of course, if you are still unable to resolve any issues, please have a chat with our support team on our server here!