Before you can even !bump your server, you need to have a channel to actually log all partner messages to, right? I mean that's just logical! 😅 Follow this simple step-by-step guide and you will be all set up and ready to bump your server! Or, watch the tutorial video here: https://dlnbots.github.io/servermate/faq/bump-your-server

Remember to !bump your server often or it will disappear from the list as new bumps are added. Poof! 🌫️



1. Create a channel called #bump in your server

This channel must be visible to all members of your server, make sure that you have this permission enabled by default otherwise you will be unable to bump!

2. Set the channel topic to your partner message

Do this by hovering over the newly created #bump channel and clicking the settings cog,

After this; Begin typing your partner message into the "Channel Topic" field seen on the first page

3. !bump your server!

All you need to do is exit out of the settings menu and send !bump into any channel in your server and voilà, your server should be bumped. Yay! 🎉

Your server will show up all of the servers that ServerMate can send to!

Are you a pro at bumping now? You can bump more often if you want! Click this link to learn more!

pageBump perks

Did you know? Unlike other bump bots; ServerMate only ever creates one invite link to your discord server in it's lifetime, so no clogging up of your invite links page! But of course if you delete the invite link, ServerMate will make a new one.

Common Errors

01 Your server is on a cooldown, this means that you will have to wait some time until you can bump again, if you vote for us you can bump every 10 minutes!

02 There are currently too many different servers bumping themselves, please wait until there are less current bump requests, this should only take a couple of minutes!

03 There was no valid #bump channel found in your server, follow the above guide and fix it! 🔧

04 ServerMate does not have the permissions to start advertising your server! Please enable it's role the Administrator permission from the role settings menu in your server.

05 Your partner message in your channel topic is either too short or non-existent, follow the above guide and then give it another shot!

06 Your partner message contained a banned word, in most cases we only disallow @everyone and @here in your partner messages, so just remove that and you should be cool! 😎

07 The bot could not create an invite to the #bump channel! Please allow the bot access to do this in the role permissions for the channel if you have disabled this.

08 All bump messages are currently disabled, this is most likely caused by a bot update and should only take a few minutes to complete. Hurry up developers! 🤦

09 Your server does not have a valid server icon! Please set your server up with an icon to continue. If your server does have a icon, please try !bump again.

Of course, if you are still unable to resolve any issues, please have a chat with our support team on our server here!

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