ServerMate will finally be getting a premium option that you can pay for to support the bot!

ServerMate has been running as a free Discord bot for over 2 years now. We have never accepted donations or any sorts of payment for features. We pay for the hosting ourselves, while this is a good thing, it will start to get to the point where by which the price for hosting the bot will become too large to just be considered "pocket money". This is where premium comes in...

For about a year, ServerMate has included a "premium" option that boasted server-boosting features, users of the bot have never been able to pay for it and have only been able to get it through giveaways in the past. We will be scrapping the old premium system on the 7th of October in accordance with the new guidelines for advertisement bots and will instead be replacing it with a revised version.

Following the new guidelines set out by Discord, we have designed a new way to support the bot and get a few handy, extra features in return. Nothing too much to outbalance your server from other's, it just makes your advertisement look much more interesting to the eye.

Our plans

GIF banners

Servers that wish to use a banner in their bump message may instead use an animated image to entice more users

For owners that want to use a different server icon in your bump message instead of your server's real icon

If you want to use you own invite, the custom invite feature lets you edit the link found at the bottom of your bump message

If you want to change the colour of your bump bar, the custom colour feature lets you adjust your bump's bar colour to an exact HEX value.

A few other cool things...

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