Server XP

Welcome to the redesigned server leveling system!

We have ditched the old server stat-based leveling system in favour of our new XP-based system, where level progression is entirely based on how well you can communicate with your community and how often people bump!

How do I progress?

Simple! Bump your server and even get help from your community, as your server can get up to x2 the amount of XP per-bump if someone else bumps for you.

Why XP?

We want to reward server owners who stay connected with their community and create a passionate member-base who wish to support their favorite servers, we feel that with the introduction of XP, owners will feel more inclined to push their community to talk, communicate and bump the server. This will also give owners a better chance to use the !top command to offer rewards to users who help them out the most!

Do you have any future plans for XP?

We do have long-term plans that supports the XP system and makes use of it. While we currently don't want to reveal too much, we can tell you that server badges (a feature that's in-the-works) will effect the amount of XP a server has by a large amount.

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