Fast Setup

ServerMate is the most easiest and fastest-to-setup bump bots out there with ease and little hastle!


This guide is old and out-of-date. Please note that there may have been changes made to some of the processes in order to set up the bot.

1. Type !setup

Once you have invited ServerMate to your server, simply type !setup to begin the setup process for your server!

If you receive an error message, please make sure that ServerMate has the correct permissions in your server

2. Set your bump channel

Create & set your new bump channel by responding to the bot with the new #channel that you have just created. We recommend naming the new channel #bump

3. Submit your bump message

The bot will next ask you what bump message your server should be. Please reply to the bot with the bump message you wish to be used

All bump messages must be between 20 - 1024 characters in length

4. Change the embed bar colour

The bot will then ask you if you would like a custom #HEX colour for your bump message, if you aren't interested in this, then simply reply with skip. If you want to change the colour, reply to the bot with the custom #HEX colour you wish to use.

#HEX colours are relatively simple and easy to use. To easily select the colour you wish, we suggest that you visit this website, select the colour that you want and then copy the field beginning with # into your Discord chat and send it.

5. !bump your server

After completing all of the above, you should be met with a confirmation message, after this; you are free to !bump your server as you wish. Enjoy!

Now you have a basic bump message, you can now upload your own cool server graphics onto your bump message, check out this guide to learn how...

pageBump Banner

Common Errors

You do not have the permissions for this action You require the Administrator permission attached to your role in order to change ServerMate's settings, confirm that you have this permission and then try again

Bump message is too short Your bump message is too short to be accepted, please make it at least 20 characters long

Setup has timed out You took too long to respond to the prompt, so it has cancelled your command. Try again using the !setup command

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