Bump message migration

We are now changing how ServerMate stores your bump messages


Back in ServerMate's infancy, in order to reduce the amount of data stored by the bot; the decision was made to store any and all details about your bumps within your bump channel's topic. If you have ever used or set up ServerMate in a server before, you may have noticed it doing this.

Over time, though; Discord have become more restrictive on how long channel topics can be. At the time of writing, the cap is at 1024 characters (which is reduced to about 975 if you use a bump colour or banner), whereas a bump embed should theoretically be able to store 2048 characters. This, along with the fact that many server owners may want to change their channel topic to something else, means that we really should look into allowing this and the most logical solution is to stop using the channel topic as the primary location for bump data. All new data will be handled by our database.


On 16/10/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy), ServerMate will stop saving bump data to server's bump channel topics. This data will instead be fed through our database. These changes will not break any servers that already use the bot and you will not have to set-up the bot again. Anything you do have currently in your channel topic will be transferred seamlessly once you perform the !bump command for the first time (since the update).


Will I need to set up the bot again?

Not at all. Anything saved in your bump channel's topic will be seamlessly transfered to our new system upon performing the !bump command.

What does this data consist of?

Most of the bot asks you to enter when using the !setup command:

  • Bump message (The main advertisement message)

  • Bump colour (The colour of the bar you see to the right of your bump)

  • Bump banner (The image displayed below your bump message)

Can I still use the old system?

Unfortunately at this time, the answer is no.

Will this effect my server level?

This change will not effect your server's level as the mentioned system being migrated is not related to leveling.

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