Following the new guidelines

Find out how we are adapting ServerMate to the new guidelines

Due to the rising trend of Join-For-Join (J4J) Discord bots (which have a reputation for spawning toxic communities), the verification team at Discord made a statement on the 29th of September informing us that any form of advertisement bot was at risk of unverification. After speaking to the staff, we have come to a compromise that lets Discord purge these "J4J" bots, whilst keeping other advertisement bots mostly clear of consequence, although there are some new guidelines that these bots must follow. We have condensed them here, but if you would like to read the full statement from Discord, join the Discord Developers server here and then navigate to this message by clicking the link

The basic guidelines

Advertisement bots may not offer paid promotion/bump boosting (eg. Autobump, shorter cooldowns for premium users, etc.)

Advertisement bots may not offer a currency that allows servers to advertise their servers (or make the process faster)

Advertisement bots may offer aesthetic changes to advertisements to users who pay/are premium

Bots should not have an "obscured payment functionality" (Premium options should be made obvious to users)

What are we doing to meet these guidelines?

After speaking to a Discord representative and given the go-ahead, we will be making the following 3-step-plan:

Autobump has never been a feature of ServerMate, but I thought that I would just mention that we have no plans to add this feature to premium users

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