Bump perks

You can easily half the amount of time you have to wait by helping us out just by voting, you can even bump every 5 minutes if you become premium, we often do giveaways for this in our support server here (We also have links to other servers doing our premium giveaways!) Here is how you can vote for us in a few, simple steps!

Video guide


1. Go to our page on Discord Bot List

Click here to visit our bot page and click Vote for this bot

2. Log in with your Discord Account

When prompted, click on Login and then when directed to Discord, click Authorise ! (It doesnt take as long as it seems... 😌)

3. Hit vote!

Yep that's it, just click Vote for this bot once again! Now try bumping, there should only be a 10 minute cooldown. Jazz-hands please!

If you don't log out of the website you can always immediately skip to step 3 without having to log in again, ever. Amazing! 😛

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