Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my server bump to?

Whenever you !bump your server, ServerMate will go around and fetch a various number of other random servers to bump your server in. We cannot tell you how many servers the bot bumps to, due to the fact that the bot bumps to a certain number of servers based on its ping (how fast everything is running). You will also find your own bump and thousands of others in the global bump channel in our Discord server

The bot keeps telling me to set-up the bot


Why am I not getting members?

When using any bump bot, it is important to note that while the purpose of the bot is to attract users to join your server, we cannot force anyone into clicking the join button for your server. It is vital from the server owner's perspective to make sure that they have an interesting and enticing bump message with colours and especially a banner. If you do not make your server stand out as much as possible to users, people will not join. One final thing to note, you will not get members overnight. Generating members takes a long amount of time, no advertising solution will be able to instantly make your server big, it takes time and patience.

I voted, but the cooldown hasn't changed

If you have just followed a link from ServerMate after bumping your server that recommends voting, your cooldown will not be immediately applied, you will still have to wait the 20 minutes after bumping your server in that instance. That said; any time you bump after first voting will have the shorter 10 minute cooldown applied. If you find this not to be the case, then the top.gg API may be experiencing some issues (which we do not own, nor have the ability to fix) and you may need to wait a while for this to be fixed by the owners of the site.

Are Devlin Credits associated with real money?

Not at all. While we will allow premium members to gain more credits than normal users in the future, these credits are not an official currency and should not be treated in that manner at all.

How do I earn more credits?

Join other user's servers (you do not get credits just for joining a server) and bump for them! This way you will both be helping yourself to gain more credits and helping the server grow!

Can I give transfer other users my own credits?

No. We are unlikely to ever add this feature, even if we did: it would be a restricted system that only allows for small transfers

What is "Allow force reminder"?

Some servers that use ServerMate may have an option enabled that allows the bot to push a DM notification out to any user that bumps their server, to remind them to bump the server again. By disabling the "Allow force reminder" option in your user settings, ServerMate will not allow these servers to force reminder notifications on you.

Can I spend my credits on more bumps?

No, as of 29/09/2020 (dd/mm/yyyy) we have confirmed with Discord that advertisement bots are no longer allowed to use a virtual currency to influence the number of bumps that a server can execute.

How do I change my server's prefix

  1. Type !settings in your Discord server (You must have Administrator permissions)

  2. Select 🏠Server settings

  3. Select 💬Prefix

  4. Enter your new prefix into chat

You can then use the new prefix in the server, note that this prefix will only be available in the server you set it in. Mention @ServerMate at any time to find a server's custom prefix

Why does ServerMate need the Manage Webhooks permission for bump hubs?

The way ServerMate handles sending bumps to bump hubs is very different to how bumps are sent in normal servers. In order to send bumps out quickly and efficiently, ServerMate uses a feature of Discord called a webhook. This essentially gives the bot dedicated access to a specific channel in your Discord server, allowing it to send messages and mention users whenever it wishes, even if the bot is not in the server.

Understandably this makes a lot of server owners weary when the use of webhooks are mentioned, as they can be abused to spam members of a Discord server at the discretion of the person with the webhook credentials. We never send your bump channel's webhook credentials to anyone other than ourselves (in order to provide you the service). If you want to disable these permissions at any time, ensure that you also delete the webhooks ServerMate will have made, otherwise messages can still be sent.

To enable this permission, open your server's settings and navigate to the Roles tab. Find the ServerMate role in this list and then ensure that Manage Webhooks is enabled, then click save.

How does ServerMate calculate how many servers a bump goes out to?

When bumping your server, ServerMate will check how fast itself and Discord is running and then makes a decision on how many servers your bump messages will be sent out to. If the bot is running slowly (the higher the number in !ping), expect a lower number of servers to be bumped to, if the bot is running quickly (the closer to 0 the number in !ping is), expect a larger number of servers to be bumped to. Although; regardless of how fast the bot is running, ServerMate will always ensure it sends your advertisement out to at least 60 servers per-bump.

I have an unanswered question, how can I ask it?

Join our support server, type /support in the chat and then ask in the ticket created for you.

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