Devlin Credits

Boost your following by spending credits

The store has been temporarily disabled whilst we discuss the future of bump bots with the Discord staff

The store feature is not currently finished. You will not be able to spend any earned credits until we have released the store fully

How it works

It's simple! Interact with other communities and get virtual currency to spend on perks

Bump, roll, claim


It's time to promote bumping! The more servers you bump in, the more credits you get. Every time you bump a server, you have a change to receive a random number of credits, these can be spent on some cool features that we will be implementing soon, so stay tuned for that!

But wait... there's more! To fuel users to bump other servers more often, we have increased the random credit drops available to users who bump other servers that they do not own!


In an upcoming update, we will be adding the !roll command (which will obviously require selfbot detection, so CAPTCHAs may be involved), which is a time-restricted command that will allow you to rack up more than 16 to 128 credits if you are lucky!


We will be holding frequent credit giveaways and will be giving you the chance to host these giveaways as well. They will all come with their respective credit amounts as well, from anywhere as little as 15 to 250 credits!

Using credits

We aren't quite at that stage yet! But we hope to be there soon. The !store command will allow users to exchange these credits for some cool rewards.

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