Global Chat

ServerMate is the best way to connect your discord server's chat to another server with the most simple set-up ever! 😉 Follow this simple step-by-step guide and you will be all set up and ready to have a chat with your fellow servers!

We are currently having issues with the Global Chat part of ServerMate, this service may have regular downtimes until we are able to resolve this issue

Please remember to follow our rules when talking in global chat!


1. Create a channel called #global-chat in your server

This channel will act as the send/receive location for all messages in ServerMate's global chat log

2. Chat!

Yes, it's that simple! Send a message and it should be seen by all of the servers with the #global-chat channel! When someone sends something from another server, ServerMate will post in the channel with the messages from the other server!

Here is how messages from other servers look like: Server Name: Username: Message

Well, now you know how to chat globally, why not apply for verification on our discord server? It's free and gives you a small tick next to your username in chat! Join our discord server and fill the form out here!

Common errors

Your message is not seen in other servers and you cant see incoming messages: You have not enabled the Administrator permission for ServerMate in your server, or you may just need to wait a few minutes for your message to send to all of the correct servers!

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