Setting up a connection

Hate having to use thousands of different bot commands to bump with multiple different bump bots? We hear you! Setup a bump connection and save yourself some time in future!


1. Find a compatible bot

Head over to your server's setting menu with !settings and open up the bot connections menu (With
) After this, you may invite any of the bots from the list using the [Invite] button found directly below the bot's description
A list of compatible bump bots is shown, each with an Invite link

2. Invite a bot

Once you have clicked invite on any of the listed bots, you should be taken to the discord authorise page with the correct server automatically selected, all you need to do is click on "Authorise"!
A bot invite page for Bump Central
We recommend that you allow the invited bot the permissions it asks for by default, as they may otherwise be unable to function as intended

3. Setup the new bot

Make sure that the bot that you have just invited has been setup correctly according to the specific bot's requirements, if you need support in doing so, please read the docs of the corresponding bot that you need help with:

4. Enable the connection

Returning to ServerMate, go back into your server's settings menu with !settings and open up the bot connections menu (With
) After this, enable the available bot connection using the corresponding bot number reaction (Each number is shown before the bot's name)

5. !bump your server!

This should then begin to bump your server as normal and then ask any other bump bots (that you have enabled) to bump the server
Now you only ever need to !bump your server to bump with multiple other bots all at once!