Bump Fillers

Fillers allow you to input things such as your member count directly inside of your bump description

What are they?

Put simply, bump fillers allow you to turn a server statistic expression, such as{members} into an accurate value based on the number of members in your server!

How to use

You can display a filler anywhere within your bump description, find the type of statistic filler you wish to use from below and paste it into your server's bump message!

Filler types

This section highlights all types of statistic fillers that are currently available for use by all users

Member count

{members} Displays the current number of (any type of) members in your server

Server info

{server.name} Displays the server's name

Emoji info

{emojis} Displays the number of emojis in your server {emojis.list} Displays a list of all of the emojis in your server

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