Terms Of Service

You abide by these rules for fair use of our services

  1. Content sent in any message through the bot that is user-generated (Material found in such places as: #bump, #global-chat), you agree that we have no liability for the content sent and received through your server

  2. You agree that actions from you, your server or what it relates to does not break any of the Discord TOS

  3. You agree to our limited data collection, required to make the service work

  4. You will not abuse your use of our services (Eg. Through the use of self-bots to automate bumping)

  5. We reserve the right to remove our bot from your server if we deem the content in your server inappropriate

  6. Banning a ServerMate administrative member from your server could lead to an immediate service ban, as we only join to make required checks

  7. Any NSFW-based servers must mark their server as NSFW

  8. You agree that we have the right to update this message at any time without notification and can enforce these terms of service at any point necessary

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